a TeX Engine written in the Dart Programming Language

© 2023 by Andreas Schwenk

License: GPLv3 (GNU General Public License, Version 3)
GitHub: https://github.com/andreas-schwenk/tex
Dart Package: https://pub.dev/packages/tex

Dart TeX renders TeX math strings as SVG images. Head to the GitHub repository for a detailed description on how to use Dart TeX in websites and Flutter.

Compared to other TeX renderers, this package does NOT rely on JavaScript or any other dependencies.

We extract all glyphs as SVG paths from MathJax. All rights remain to the authors. MathJax is licensed under the Apache2 license. You will find a copy of Apache2 license in folder /licenses/mathJax/ in the GitHub repository. All extracted data from MathJax can be found in variable svgData of file /lib/src/svg.dart`.

Compare Dart-TeX with MathJax.


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